WNJYO rehearse on Wednesday evenings, 7.00pm until 8.30pm at Springwood High School, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 4AW.

Please see the rehearsal schedule below.





Additional information

New dates due January 2022

How do I get there?

VI Form Area - Once you arrive at Springwood High School, continue towards the bottom part of the school. The VI Form Area will be in front of you; enter through the door on the right (the other door may be locked).

Drama Studio - Enter the school through the corridor on the left side of the VI Form Area. The Drama Studio is right in front of you.

MU1 - Enter the school through the corridor on the right side of the VI Form Area. MU1 is through a door just to the right.

LRC / Concert Hall - Once you arrive at Springwood, turn right and enter the school through the reception. In the foyer, the Concert Hall is in front of you. The LRC is through the front left door in the foyer, next to the Concert Hall.

Created for WNJYO by James Williams